How to Have a Great Happy Hour San Antonio Experience

You definitely want to have a great happy hour San Antonio experience. But, how do you achieve this? Some people look forward to great socialization moments with co-workers during the happy hour. Others find these moments as an extension of the work day. There are also people that opt to go and relax at home. It’s however important to note that skipping the happy hour can affect how your boss and colleagues perceive you. Nevertheless, attending happy hour functions has its downfalls and benefits. But, you can enhance your experience by following these tips.

Never Underestimate The Impact of Sharing A Happy Hour Drink

If you opt out of after work events, you will most likely be labeled as a bore. Some of your colleagues will see you as an individual that doesn’t want to connect with team members. Therefore, attend happy hour functions to build and reinforce relationships with co-workers.

Don’t Drink Alcohol If You Don’t Want

It’s not a must that you consume liquor whenever you attend an impromptu after work event. Therefore, if you don’t drink alcohol, don’t take this as an excuse for not attending a happy hour function. Simply attend the event and order a non-alcoholic beverage or soda. However, maintain a lively conversation with workmates. Immerse in the discussion and ask appropriate questions.

Consider It A Business

Happy hour with coworkers is not the same as happy hour with family or friends. When you drink with coworkers and your boss, you hold a more relaxed, business-related conversation. Therefore, take this as an opportunity to demonstrate social skills to your boss. Also let your boss and coworkers see your ability to connect with and influence clients to make favorable decisions. Nevertheless, observe a limit of two drinks to keep the conversation professional.

Speak After Thinking

When away from the workplace, you can easily become relaxed and say anything without thinking. Avoid this as much as possible. For instance, don’t speak about relationship issues with your friend or spouse during a happy hour function. Your coworker and the boss are not interested in your personal matters.

Pace Yourself

Decide on the time that you will be around before you start drinking. If for instance you plan to stay for a while, take multiple drinks. However, if you will be in the bar for 20 or 30 minutes only, having multiple drinks will make you look like a person with a drinking problem. Therefore, before you order another round, think carefully regardless of how tolerant you are.

Avoid Gossips

There are many things that you can talk about during the happy hour apart from your view of coworkers. You might think that something that you say about a coworker is harmless but end up having troubles with them later because of what you say during the happy hour function. News travel very fast and something minor can end up ruining your relationship with coworkers. So, stick to polished topics. If you must discuss an official matter, make it professional.

Generally, these tips will enable you to have a great happy hour San Antonio experience. Follow them next time and you will have the most unforgettable experience that will make you yearn for more after work functions.