San Antonio has several night spots that you can visit for a party whenever you are in town. While these spots share a number of things with regards to their services, Garden Nightclub has a unique set up that can make your experience much different and fulfilling. The establishment fits the perfect definition of a hot dance club in San Antonio with a unique party scene that will truly blow your mind. Here’s what to expect whenever you visit Garden Nightclub San Antonio.

A polished atmosphere for all party goers

Unlike most clubs that are open to all sorts of crowds, this nightclub has a strict policy that only allows admission to patrons who are 21 years and above. This creates a sense of order and ensures a more accommodative atmosphere for all revelers. The nightclub offers a comfortable party environment where even the LGBT community can freely mingle with the rest.

The lounges at this nightclub are intricately refined with an upscale twist that gives a distinctive modern appeal. The lounges are spacious and, also have comfortable seats for both small and huge crowds. For those who wish to dance, there is an expansive dance area where you can twist all night long. For more space, there is also an external patio.

Enjoy quality entertainment at a hot dance club in San Antonio

The dance floor at the Garden Nightclub San Antonio is usually packed every day of the week. And, one of the reasons for this is because of the quality entertainment that they offer. The nightclub has the best DJs in town playing great Latin jams. On Fridays, they have an exclusive Latin Salsa night that features only Salsa, bachatta, merengue and reggaeton.

Other weekly events at the club include, Saturday ladies night, Thursday College night and Karaoke Wednesdays. This hot dance club in San Antonio also has amazing birthday packages for those who wish to celebrate birthdays at the club. Coupled with their diverse drinks selections and first class bottle service, Garden Nightclub San Antonio is a great nightspot to always visit whenever you are in the city.