Do you want to enjoy a VIP treatment in the hottest clubs in San Antonio? Then you should know how to go clubbing at these venues. The hottest San Antonio clubs are known to host celebrities and superstars. However, you can also hang out with celebrities and superstars at these establishments. You just need to know how to go clubbing at these venues.

Befriend a VIP Host

Don’t try to use money to get your way into the hottest clubs in town. This will not work and you will most likely be laughed off at the entrance. San Antonio has some of the hottest clubs where guests spend a lot of money in a single night. Therefore, instead of using money, work with a reliable VIP host. Work out an arrangement in advance and you will be allowed entry into the club of your choice without trouble.

Eat a Way into the Hottest Clubs

Majority of the hottest clubs in town have partnered with restaurants. Sometimes, giving the wait staff a generous tip can earn you a front-of-the-line pass into the nightclub. Therefore, when you sign the check, inquire from the waitress or waiter whether there is a way they can help you get into the hottest club. Some waitresses and waiters can discretely help you get into the hottest club in town with ease by skipping the queue.

Dress Impressively

A sharply dressed person will easily get into a hot club than a person dressed in a shirt that is not tucked in and a pair of jeans. Although you might not be a millionaire, dressing properly can make you look like one. This will enable you to easily get into a hot club in town.

Basically, these are some of the ways that will enable you to get entry into the hottest clubs in San Antonio and party like a VIP. Clubs like Garden Nightclub and Hotel Discotheque are the hottest and you will easily party like a VIP in these venues when you try out these tips.